Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge with friends and Ice cream

Leaving the worlds best ice cream shop (Screamin Mimi’s Sabastapol, CA) my hat wearing friends and I turned around to admire the bright chairs we had just been sitting in and saw ourselves in the window.

“Let’s take a picture” our voices merged

The man’s hand and my hand merged.

All under the protective arch of a traffic light.

Inside and out merge.

Maybe there’s more

I wonder who Peggy is?*

I realize there may be strong opinions about the best ice shops and I can’t wait to hear them!  So please tell what is your favorite place to merge with frozen confections?

Oh and what is your favorite flavor or the most unusual flavor of ice cream you ever had?  Mimi’s has lavender, olive oil and I had hot chocolate, as in hot pepper hot!

*Can you find the name Peggy in the picture?