Leaving the worlds best ice cream shop (Screamin Mimi’s Sabastapol, CA) my hat wearing friends and I turned around to admire the bright chairs we had just been sitting in and saw ourselves in the window.

“Let’s take a picture” our voices merged

The man’s hand and my hand merged.

All under the protective arch of a traffic light.

Inside and out merge.

Maybe there’s more

I wonder who Peggy is?*

I realize there may be strong opinions about the best ice shops and I can’t wait to hear them!  So please tell what is your favorite place to merge with frozen confections?

Oh and what is your favorite flavor or the most unusual flavor of ice cream you ever had?  Mimi’s has lavender, olive oil and I had hot chocolate, as in hot pepper hot!

*Can you find the name Peggy in the picture?

11 thoughts

  1. How about the back of the yellow chair. Now as far as ice cream, I feel like I am an expert on it because I think I was born eating ice cream. I’m not much on trying the newer flavors because you just can’t beat vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. And there is so much you can do with vanilla . . . like add strawberries, top it off with some chocolate fudge along with nuts and a little whipped cream, and etc. Then there is vanilla custard. Not sure it is really ice cream, but it is sooooo good. My favorite place to get custard is Tom’s in Branson. Now get a strawberry sundie there and you will smack your lips. But to me, the best of all is home made ice cream. Can eat a whole freezer of that. Well, you got me started didn’t you. Good blog Carol. lol



    1. I knew you would have a few words to say about ice cream 😉 ! I am sure we made home made ice cream in our drive-way many times don’t you. I like home made vanilla with fresh peaches. They should be in season now.
      You are right about the yellow chair. You win a big scoop of ice scream 🙂


      1. The orchards north of here at Porter, OK have been in season for about a month now. I need to get up their and get some more before they are gone. And yes, I believe we did make ice cream in the driveway. Yum!!!!



  2. My favorite ice cream at the ,moment is at Scoops in Ellsworth, Maine, on the waterfront. It is on the way to Bar Harbor. I had coconut and black raspberry.. a scoop of each. So yummy.
    Peggy of course is where it was spotted earlier by annon…. and must be the girlfriend of the person who painted the chair !
    Great merging contribution.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA


  3. Black raspberry, yum! I has a blackberry milkshake just the other day. It’s berry season isn’t it. Good eyes Neal beat you to it Peggy but you gave her a cool identity. Now I have an excuse to drive an hour to find out if all the chairs have names 😉


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