Does The First Image From A Comet Look Like a Person? A Spaceman? A Troll?

First Image From Comet

First Image From Comet

Am I the only one that sees a chunky man in the first photo from the comet? It looks like, maybe a football player, or more likely a spaceman?

He’s waving and about to kick the lander’s leg. That’s probably why it had a hard time landing.

My Husband just said it looks like a troll! Yes Comets 🌠  would be where Trolls are from!!!

Please tell me what you see.

Cee’s Fun Foto asked for Vehicle Details well this is a very rare vehicle even if it’s not my foto  😉

More about the landing Here

NaPoWriMo A Pray for All of Us


We Watch On a Loop

The runner keeps falling and falling

even before the smoke appears.

We all are in free-fall

Earth please catch us

Air become clear

Water wash away our tears

Fire we must learn

to respect your power.

Ancestors may we keep listening:

Today the planet is the only proper “in group.”
Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.
We cannot cure the world of sorrows,
but we can choose to live in joy.
Joseph Campbell
I pray we always remember Streets are made for dancing!
Carol Carlisle

Sunday Post: Peaceful Kingdom

Vickie and Gracie meet an elepahnt

Vickie and Gracie meet an elephant on their morning walk.

Jakesprinters wise choice for Sunday post this week is Peaceful.  One of the definitions was unruffled and that certainly describes my friend Vickie and her companion Gracie. This is a mural on her garage door. I took the picture Friday and wondered when I would find a way to use it and, as it often happens, Jake’s prompt was waiting for me when I got home.

As word of war from all over the world greet us every time we turn on the TV, or for some of us open our front door, indulge me while I make a suggestion.  I believe it is how we deal with all with “the other” or that which is alien to us, that is one of the roots of conflict.  Whether it is a different species, race or gender if we respond in an  unruffled  manner upon being confronted by “the other” maybe we could begin to change the world.  Here is a couple of pictures from a Moon Party dinner at my house this fall you will some of the international students and there host families. Any place where we humans can experience diversity promotes PEACE ON  EARTH!  Even your kitchen.

Folks from USA, Taiwan, Russia, and Ma lasia

Folks from USA, Taiwan, Russia, and Indonesia  waiting for Moon cake.

On the other side of the table our neighbors from Sudan and a student from Brazil

On the other side of the table our neighbors from Sudan and a student from Brazil.

Sunday Post: Autumn Flames That We Can Live With

My mother lived for a while in Louisianan and then Florida where Cannas   thrive.  When we moved to Oklahoma she was always struggling to get these tropical beauties to bloom on one side of the house or the other.  The hot dry summers and the bone chilling cold  winters of Northern Oklahoma were too much for these cousins of the banana plant. I keep meaning to plant some but I always think of it at the wrong time of year.

Last week I captured  this picture in a neighbors garden at the “golden hour”  when the sun had set the leaves on fire with color. The spider web  on the post to the left of the plant adds the perfect fall touch. I’m sure there is a haiku in there somewhere.  Anyone care to to try?

Also, as I watch the news of the Middle East, I can’t help think of our Sudanese next door neighbors who brought a rare red pock-a- dot Cannas for their garden from Egypt. It and they are safely transplanted and thriving here in the US.

Jajkesprinters Sunday Post is Autumn this week