Sunday Post: “The City” San Fransisco & Other Scenic Views

A  view of San Fransisco you can only get from a car on the upper deck of the Oakland Bay Bridge heading West. Dustin Hoffman  racing to Berkeley in The Graduate was really going the wrong direction on this bridge.  He should have been on the lower deck heading East to get to his lady love, but it isn’t a very scenic drive.  As long as we’re on the look out for scenic views here’s some  helpful notes about yesterday’s post.

The Star Facts

Just in case you were searching for the Orionids meteor shower last night, this is the star chart of where to look for shooting stars in the club of Orion.  Orion doesn’t rise in the East South East until after midnight. I could see Orion but nothing else. I still made wishes, perhaps tonight well all have better luck. Let me know what you see.

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