Phoneography: Tracking Animals in The Setting Sun

1.Bear Paw

1.Bear Paw in the evening sunlight

I thought you might enjoy these foot prints because, for the first day of spring I posted Mary Oliver’s Spring about a bear coming out of her cave, It begins…

a black bear
has just risen from sleep
and is staring…
and continues:
I think of her,
her four black fists
flicking the gravel,
2. Bear paws

2. Bear paws

Some clever person enhanced the sidewalk with animal tracks on a new bridge over newly restored Strawberry Creek. It is on UC Berkeley property home of the Golden Bears!  How they made the bird tracks is a mystery. Any thoughts on what process they used. Now why, I answer with why not?

3. Bird tracks

3. Bird tracks

4. Bird tracks

4. Bird tracks iPhone 4s

I had been here before but never noticed the tracks. It took seeing them in the setting which created enough contrast to make them show up. The dramatic shadows are an added bonus of shooting photos at the “Golden Hour”. It’s almost like the critters are trying to hide behind the railings. I looked around to see where they might be…

Which photo tells the story best?

Created by Sally Donatello go to her site Lens and Pens if you want to participate or learn more about photography with non traditional devises.

All photos shot on my iPhone 4s in native camera and no app enhancements. Again I say time of day makes a big difference!


Phoneography: May There Be More Rain

1. wet deck

1. wet deck

2. quilted cloud cover

2. quilted cloud cover

running in the rain

3.running in the rain

I had to act quickly to capture the fast-moving rain that passed through yesterday.I posted the running girl yesterday on the Sunday Post but it fit here as well.  Which Photo says rainy day to you?

Lens and Pens Monday Challenge Nature

Other Phoneograhers Photos

Phoneography: Macro Images of An Elderly Orchid

1 Orchid up close

1 Orchid up close

3 Orchid

2 Orchid

3 Orchid B&W

3 Orchid B&W

Orchid B&W

4 Orchid B&W 2

4.Charlie Brown Orchid

5.Charlie Brown Orchid last blossom left.

The Orchid that had blossoms on it since Mother’s day gave up this second week of

original Orchid

original Orchid

January.  I spread one of the spent flowers on a piece of black felt and was fascinated by the transparent, delicacy of of the petals. There are many more photos than I posted here. Its vaned and crepey beauty makes me think of aging skin. May mine age as well and look so good when my petals fall.

All, but Charlie Brown photo, were taken in natural light with my iPhone 4s Camera+ app. He was taken in regular camera mode. Which image do you prefer?

Lens and Pens Macro offers three views a Gabo Daisy today.

Phoneography: Evolution of an Orchid

original Orchid

1 original Orchid shot on 1Phone 4s

This orchid was given to me for Mother’s Day by our visiting language student. Thank you Ricardo Rail. It has had blooms ever since, maybe because I put it in the bathroom which has just the temperature, light and moister. I now can pretend to have a tropical spa!

Editing Notes: I had fun editing it in PhotoTaster, added bubbles, then bubbles with cloud in Percolator, and just so Snapseed wouldn’t feel left out a little texture. Which do you like best?

2 Orchid edit

2 Orchid edit PhotoToster

and now a version for those that remember Cloud Caption Monday. How would you caption this?

surreal Brewed in Percolator

3 surreal Brewed in Percolator

Finally Just because it’s Halloween week A Snapseed Grunge look!

4 grunge orchid

4 Snapseed grunge orchid

For Sally’s Lens and Pens Phoneorgaphy Challenge Still Life

Phoneography: Black and White Red Cows

Why Black and White?

2 cows

2 cows at  Berkeley’s Little Farm/Carol Carlisle 10/19/13

As a color photo you have two red-brown cows. In black and white, the silky texture of their hides is revealed, as well as that busy tongue. The one cow was obsessively licking her sister, that is what I attempted to capture. What do you think? Oh, you might like to know, the cows and their big tongues  have been a favorite for children to feed for many years. Does that show in the photo I wonder?

Grape vines

Grape arbor in the early morning light/Carol Carlisle 10/21/13

I see these red leaves every morning but translated into black and white they become something otherworldly.

Lens ad Pens Suggested black and white photography today with a discussion of seeking out and taking advantage of light and shadow to give photos deeper meaning.

Phoneography Challenge: The Natural World of Butterflies Caterpillar and Milkweed

but no butterflies 

IMG_0449 - Version 2

I found this caterpillar on a passion plant at our local nursery.



The monarch was flitting around my garden but not landing so I captured the milkweed fireworks. This is the plant from last April’s post. milkwood 3

milkweed 2

Milkweed taken with iPhone 4s and edited with photo toaster. Caterpillar taken with same phone but disappeared from the camera roll.

Ever since I updated to IOS7 some photos for no apparent reason are black on my phone but look just fine on my computer, thank goodness.  Anyone else  having that problem?

Phoneography Challenge Nature

Phoneography: Black and White Images Tell The Story Of Jack’s Tree

Sweet sour in the wind

Sweet sorrow in the wind

I took this picture of 300 or 400 year old tree that stands next to Jack London’s house last summer and enhanced it into a black and white and posted it.. Recently it has come to our attention that the tree is in danger because of a fungus, so I think is time to re post them and pass on the story of the next phase of the life a tree that has seen a lot of history.

Tree is too close so close to  the house.

Tree is too close to the house for safety.

The tree’s proximity to the house may mean it may have to be cut down for safety sake.

The coast live oak thought to be 300 to 400 years old stands just some 50 feet from London’s cottage in Glen Ellen, his onetime Beauty Ranch and now a national historic landmark as part of Jack London State Historic Park.

The revered tree, an especially large oak, is succumbing to pathogenic fungi. State and independent arborists recommend cutting the tree down before its weakening wood causes personal injury or damage to the cottage. Read more about it in this articleSonoma Press Democrat.

Oak bark up close

Oak bark up close

Which image best tells you the story of this Ancient Being?

I have no notes for, Phoneography Challenge Black and White, on how I created these images because, I had just bought my iPhone 4s, and was experimenting indiscriminately. Perhaps I just used instagram.

Phoneography: Nature Out of Africa

African Cannna

African Canna iPhone 4s August 2013

I was startled last summer by rare beauty of our next door neighbors spotted yellow and red canna. When I admired them they told me how they had brought them back from a trip to their home land of Sudan. The bulbs had to stay in quarantine for a number of months before being allowed in to the US but they are worth it to bring the beauty of the nature of the land they grew up with. I’m pleased that the flowers are thriving as well as our neighbors.

Lens and Pens theme this week is the Exhilaration of Nature.