Labyrinth from 2016 at UUCB

Historically, for almost 19 years, my husband and I have helped create this labyrinth for Winter Solstice at our church, The Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley. The solstice labyrinth becomes a walking meditation where we walk into the center carrying our burdens, then stand still, just as the sun is standing still this day. There we let fly our cares and worries into the darkness and then take the serpentine walk out lighter and symbolically lit by the returning sun. This year even our plans for an outdoor chalk labyrinth were scuttled by the California Covid shelter in place. So to get the flavor of our labyrinth here are some images of it being created and enjoyed, followed by a finger ‘ labyrinth.
Building the labyrinth

It takes a team

Last Winter’s Solstice walk during church service

It’s so beautiful in the dark with candles on Christmas Eve

At the end of the service

 A finger labyrinth

Get into a meditative state, take a few calming breaths, and instead of walking trace it with a finger on your screen. You may have to hold the screen still with your free hand. Or just focus your eyes on the center while listening to music of your choice. You may also take it from my post and print it for a more tactile experience.

Here’s a black and white version if you prefer

3 thoughts

  1. This is very beautiful Carol and Jim. Thank you for doing this for so long and putting online these moving images.
    Diane R.


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