Phoneography: Two White Trees

White tree

White tree among pines…iPhone 4s

Photo of lichen covered tree becomes mysterious when converted to black and white in Phototoaster.


Path and white tree with 2 two turkeys…iPhone 4s

Playing around with Scan Pro I randomly chose one of my turkey photos manipulate and was surprised by the depth of contrast that was created.

Which works better?

Lens and Pens Black and White Challenge

Phoneography: Shapes and Shadows

Shapes and shadows

Shapes and shadows

Here’s the cover of a new mystery novel. Now tell me what it’s all about and who did what to who. Bhaw-ha-ha! My site has a new fall look. I appears I’m moving into the dark early. I hope I’m not going to scare anyone away.

Lens and Pens by Sally Suggested we create an abstract picture with our I phones. I created this gothic piece with my antique iPhone 4s and a little magic from Phototoaster and Snapseed.

Phoneography: Macro Image of My Favorite Hair Clip

Abalone dreamscape

Abalone dreamscape.

I have always seen a landscape with people among the swirls of color in my abalone hair clip. I took the challenge of macro photography to get close enough to examine its wonder.

Think of this as a new version of Cloud Caption Monday I use to do. What Images do You see?

Editing notes I stabilized my iPhone 4s on a stand so I could move in close then I held the clip between to fingers and taped the screen to get this photo.

the stand

the stand

I cropped a very tiny bit  to  remove background distraction and that is all the editing I did.

For Lens and Pens Challenge Phone as macro lens.