Phoneography: Capturing The Rain

Celtic knot decal on my window

1.Celtic Love knot decal on window with rain drenched cedar in the background

  A Love Potion to Rain Just In Time for Valentines Week

Rain drops appeared to be collecting in the upraised caldron of the celtic knot transparent decal on my kitchen window. By Getting in close enough and angling my phone just right the cedar darkened the background so I could collect the raindrops. Hopefully it will be enough to create a potion to keep the rain coming to quench the drought.

Rain drops on lime

2.Rain drops on lime

I used a “color burs”t filter to give a sense of the power of wet and green against a grey dry and thirsty world.

Moss on tree truck

3.Moss on tree truck

I had to stand in a soggy flower bed to get up close to the tree trunk. and I was happy doing it.

I know I must seem obsessed with rain but having ben without it so long I’m like a kid in a candy story and can’t get enough of it. Which Photo do you think captures the feeling of rain?

Editing notes: All pictures were take with iPhone 4s native camera. Edited with both Phototoster and native filters. Phototoaster does a good job of straightening photos which I always need.

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Daily Prompt asked for Circle Wednesday 2/12. So I am linking my Monday post with several circles to it.

Phoneography: Two White Trees

White tree

White tree among pines…iPhone 4s

Photo of lichen covered tree becomes mysterious when converted to black and white in Phototoaster.


Path and white tree with 2 two turkeys…iPhone 4s

Playing around with Scan Pro I randomly chose one of my turkey photos manipulate and was surprised by the depth of contrast that was created.

Which works better?

Lens and Pens Black and White Challenge

It’s Wednesday I’m Wondering About Contrast

species entwined

species entwined

Taken just a few feet apart these two images tell two contrasting stories. Let them inspire you. As Margo Rody often suggests, make a list. Write down every way they are different, then you may want to put down what they have in common. That flow of words might become a poem, a story, a reminder of…

FYI: There are lichens that have been found to live for centuries. Also, you might like to know that these pictures were taken quite near yesterday’s post photo.

Wonder Wednesday is a visual writing prompt. The photos are mine but you may use them as long as I am given credit for them. I look forward to seeing what has been inspired. Don’t forget Dance Around Friday when I post music to help you dance your way into the week end.  And then for those who like to look for images (unicorns and dragons or bears oh my) in the sky I offer  Cloud Caption Monday.  

Happy writing and wool gathering,


Earth’s Eye View

Earth Eye
The moss and lichen
Are watching us
To see what gifts
We bring to keep
Our planet
Forever spinning

Photo of stones on Albany Hill. I found this when I went looking for “the crack in every thing” I hope it lets the light in on the small unnoticed landscapes of our world.

Sunday Post: My Favorite Spot

The Ford at the entrance to Wide Cat Canyon

off Brookside Trail in Tilden Park,

marked only by a small wooden sign.

Most of year the streams runs across the path

in the Summer I wade and splash with the dogs

in fall it disappears until

in Winter I just have to long for the other side

as the torrents sweep by.

I come here when I need to be taught the lessons of  the wild,

by moss and leaves, wasps and deer.

My own dog used to run back and forth as fast as he could

when we would first walk out of the sun into green as we were

hit by the sharp mix of bay laurel and eucalyptus that says home in the woods.

His white feathers still are caught upon blackberry vines,

from the very last time he was here.

Nothing is lost only out of sight, whispers the stream

in which we all stand.

Carol Carlisle

What is your Favorite spot?

Thanks for the inspiration once again Jakesprinters

Moss and Lichen Dance on My Plum Tree

Moss and Lichen on Plum Tree Branch

I  found the image for the Light Word


in my own back yard as the

early morning sun lit the bare branches  of the  plum tree.

I hope to remember the difference between depending on

and being beholden to.

Depending I lightly embrace my benefactor

Beholden my partner is always in need

and I am without resources.