Wading Day

It’s wading day by the Bay

Ooo it’s so cold

I’ll walk to the City

when I dare get in then

I’ll  play tag with the waves.

Come on, come on come on

you can’t get me

before I get you

I’m not getting out

’till the sun goes down.

The dogs head for the water too

even the headless, six legged

two tailed dog joins in.

 Margo Rody suggested we give voice to our inner child

I took mine down to the beach for a romp .

Chalking Up Childhood Wisdom

 “Confidence is knowing you belong”

That is what a sports psychologist told the US Woman’s Beach  Volleyball team about what it takes to win a gold Medal. The neighborhood children happily play in the middle of the street during our local block party.  They don’t need any professional to tell them about confidence or belonging they are safe in the arms of a loving community that’s all the Gold they need.

When have you felt this secure and confident?