Hanging in the road Tilden Park
In the middle of the road
Circling in the street

How long have we been in lockdown?

 “I am circling around God, around the ancient tower,
and I have been circling for a thousand years,”

Words from Rilke I found  on Debbie Smyth’s Six Word Saturday

6 thoughts

    1. This place would usually be packed on a holiday weekend. I was so pleased to find a safe place to walk.
      My writing group uses poems as writing inspiration I’m passing this one on to our leader for us to use. Keeping these words going a round.


  1. Here in Michigan our stay at home order was just extended until June 12. Every two weeks it gets extended, just prior to when it would have ended. I support the position our governor is taking…but I think it’s a moot point now as it appears to me when I go out to get my groceries that everyone is pretty much doing what they want to anyway, though they are wearing masks, and restaurants are not open, nor most retail. But the roads are full of cars and the parks are overrun with people. Small businesses are closing for good. It’s a hard line to walk.


    1. Thanks for the report, my daughter in Florida reports the same-saying how crazy the grocery stores are. I was totally surprised to find this quiet park. I think it was due to lack of parking space . Californians are use to their year round outdoor activities.
      So sorry to hear about the flooding up there.
      Be safe 😷


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