Winged Being Must Appear

If one speaks of winged beings they must appear

It is a rule of heaven forgotten but in troubled times.

Let us today talk of angels, birds and even crows whose clamorous souls

are welcomed for their black wing’s rainbow light.

One created with all the colors of the sky is a prayer

worth sending up before awful clouds alight.

© Carol Carlisle 2012

From Rainbow To Dr. Martin Luther King

Alcatraz at the end of the Rainbow

My friends and I had planned yesterdays outing on the SF Bay for a year and it was raining, right up until we got on the ferry boat then it stopped the sun came out and a rainbow appeared Wow! How lucky we are?  How privileged we are! How free we are!

Seeing the rainbow ending on Alcatraz Island  once a notorious prison  makes me think we need do need even more than rainbows  shedding light on the unjust prison system in the US.  If we are in the process of changing the world we must remember:

“No one is free, until everyone is free!” – Dr. Martin Luther King