Tuesday Tryout: Comic Truth Telling A Robin Williams Memory

 Rows I Sat In

I came in lateIMG_0978
Sat down on the back pew
Didn’t know what the sermon was about.

Watched the tiny girl in the next row
as she was lovingly tended
by both of her grandparents.

I came home satisfied
I’d heard the message.

Carol Carlisle


One Thanksgiving Night
After eating too much
A gang of us went to a SF Comedy Club.

The guy behinds us kept laughing
Too loud, heckling the comic on stage
I look around It was Robin Williams

He went on stage and did a set
Then sat back down

Carol Carlisle

Margo Rody Tuesday Tryout ask for Comic Relief “Comic strips are structured like poems. Each window is a stanza; they have a beginning a middle and an end; somewhere between the beginning and the end there is a turn towards the end.  More important, is that the good ones convey some truth about the world, or people, or life, in a very few words and images”

I had wanted to tell both of these stories  and today’s challenge gave me the forum. Thanks Margo.

Weekly Photo Challenge Reflections on a Sunset

Sunset on the SUV

Sunset on the SUV an unintended selfie

On the way back to car after photographing an exceptional sunset I came upon a few more glimpses of the beautiful evening sky reflected in a shinny black SUV. Even the hubcaps glowed!

The Whole picture

The Whole picture

Not a reflection but one more look on the way home...

Not a reflection but one more look on the way home…

I bet you have a collection of Untended Selfies too. I hope you save these odd reflections of yourself with your back to the sun…Next Wonder Wednesday will be “show me your Unintended Selfie.”

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Dare to Enter The Dollhouse: A Tuesday/Sunday Remix

Doll hous in picture window

Doll house

The curtain is pulled aside

we enter the world of the doll house

where nothing is as it seems.

Vines grow ’round inside and out

Sleeping Beauty may be waiting

the telephone man may climb the poll

and send out the word “She’s here!”

One Hundred years to the day

the curtain is pulled aside

in time to awaken

the sleeping bride.

Carol Carlisle

I am double dipping today: Jaksprinters Sunday Post  challenged us to post a photo of reality. “In a wider definition, reality includes everything that is and has been, whether or not it is observable or comprehensible. A still more broad definition includes everything that has existed, exists, or will exist.” Dose Surreal count?

Margo Rody asked us to write a poem about “This day and That”

It isn’t Sunday and who knows what

and where reality begins and ends?

So I’ll just push the button and send.

Return of Cloud Capture Monday: A Close Call

Cozy comforter of clouds

Cozy comforter of clouds

or layer cake  of colors. They call these clouds strata cumulus for a reason. What would you call them?

I had a close call getting this photo from the crest of our hill. I had pulled over in a red zone and started to get out of the car, but car after car zipped over the top of the hill, so I stayed in the car and got this one pic through the windshield before I had to get moving or get rear-ended. Still breathing hard hope you like it 😉

Other close calls

Reflection on Death And Resurrection

Voices of Light From Billy Collins

Cloud Shadows crated with multiple apps

Cloud Shadows Painting crated by  multiple Apps…

Directions (excerpt)
if this is your day you might even
spot a hare or feel the wing-beats of geese
driving overhead toward some destination.
But it is hard to speak of these things
how the voices of light enter the body
and begin to recite their stories
how the earth holds us painfully against
its breast made of humus and brambles
how we who will soon be gone regard
the entities that continue to return
greener than ever, spring water flowing
through a meadow and the shadows of clouds
passing over the hills and the ground
where we stand in the tremble of thought
taking the vast outside into ourselves.
~ Billy Collins ~
(The Art of Drowning)

Billy Collins seems to be my teacher of the week. Every time I read him I want to fling myself into the maw of his thinigy truth and yell YES!

As I say farewell  to one friend after a long struggle and I get news of two others walking close to the end of life the words of this poem were just the words I needed to hear today. They arrived  this morning from Panhala@yahoogroups.com a poem a day sight I fallow.

I did say resurrection in the title: two weeks ago the whole hard drive on my computer died taking everything on it into the grave. Thank goodness for Mac Geniuses and Apple Care insurance and little thumb drives most everything was restored.  It really did seem a resurrection  because, I thought of Lazarus as all my photos appeared fully restored from the backup, drive but for a while it seemed dire. This was a good lesson in attachment to things and backing up the back ups. I posted from my phone which most of the time worked. Oh how I wish for such simple fixes for my dear friends… those are my recent “unspeakable stories.”  Feel free to share yours here.