Cozy comforter of clouds
Cozy comforter of clouds

or layer cake  of colors. They call these clouds strata cumulus for a reason. What would you call them?

I had a close call getting this photo from the crest of our hill. I had pulled over in a red zone and started to get out of the car, but car after car zipped over the top of the hill, so I stayed in the car and got this one pic through the windshield before I had to get moving or get rear-ended. Still breathing hard hope you like it 😉

Other close calls

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        1. Nope…Orinda…just “over the hill”…. cough…sputter… “over the hill” geographically, that is. I love the low light of the sun when driving around the Berkeley and Kensington hills this time of year…the shadows are lovely, too!
          (my husband grew up in Berkeley…went to Cal and we actually moved “through the tunnel” to the hinterlands of Orinda…for more space around us…)


          1. Berkely can be congested. I live in the wee kingdom of Albany on the “The Hill” seems a little out of way with a title more space. Having the view feels spacious. I know someone else who moved over the hill for the same reason.


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