Cloud Clearing Monday: Smooth Sailing in a Lavender Sunset

Have any clouds been swept away in the last month?

What are you looking for on the horizon? Are You looking in the right direction?

The Daily prompt asks what change would you like your blog to make in the worldI took both pictures from the same spot on the Marina Green at sunset. One looking out toward Alcatraz Island the other looking back toward the many hills of San Francisco.  A slight shift of attention can certainly can create a big change. And that slight shift in conscientiousness  through beauty wisdom and whimsy is what I hope Light Words bring to the you Dear Readers.

Weekly Photo Challenge Movement: Blustery Day on the Bay

The wind on the Marin Headland just North of the Golden Gate Bridge always blows but today it was exceptional. Just in time for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement. This beautiful Sari was ready to take flight into the San Fransisco Bay and turn this lovely Indian Lady into and Anglel.

Just below the Golden Gate Bridge this sail boat made me hold my breath as it tact into the wind. All was well and someone near by told us the sailors were having a good time playing with the wind.

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