Weekly Photo Challenge Movement: Blustery Day on the Bay

The wind on the Marin Headland just North of the Golden Gate Bridge always blows but today it was exceptional. Just in time for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement. This beautiful Sari was ready to take flight into the San Fransisco Bay and turn this lovely Indian Lady into and Anglel.

Just below the Golden Gate Bridge this sail boat made me hold my breath as it tact into the wind. All was well and someone near by told us the sailors were having a good time playing with the wind.

Weekly Photo Challenge suggested this topic.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Movement: Blustery Day on the Bay

  1. Beautiful picture of the Golden Gate!! But, too much water for me. Almost got sea sick looking at the picture. lol
    Again, what a beautiful picture Carol. I really need to come out there and see that. I guess you could say I am mezmorized (spell it) by it.
    The Sari and the leaning boat really make the picture “move”.



  2. Well we went to Muir Woods to see red wood trees then to GG Bridge today.Great SF day. Met two old guys who are going to drive a 67 Chevy truck across country on route 66 from Santa Monica.So you can drive a sedan to SF. Or even fly. We won’t take you sailing I promise 🙂 Glad you like my pictures.


    • Well, a new day and I thought about that picture last night a few times. Just had to tell you again how wonderful the picture is. Just so real and makes me feel like I’m there. Again, a great picture Carol.


      • Gee whiz! I am thrilled that it made you feel you were there. I do believe something is calling you to get on out here. We Have an extra room all fixed up for guest. Southwest is having a sale on cheep tickets, it’s cooler here…what more can I say…don’t regret not coming to San Fransisco!


  3. What a fantastic photo of the sari in the wind against the water and the fog – magical! I took a bus tour of Muir Woods many years ago – loved the place, the tour was far too short! Hope to return someday with a tripod and more lenses, and my John Muir books 🙂


    • It felt like magic getting that picture it lasted just a fleeting moment! Yes come out and see the trees again, I’ll be showing pictures of them all week I expect.


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