Which Way Challenge 21: One Way To Get Grandma’s House Fast!

Lamborghini on 4th Streer

Lamborghini on 4th Street

Fast! Very Fast! 

Here’s one way to get Grandmother’s house in time for the turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Ghost Car
This, just off the show room floor, Lamborghini almost disappeared in the reflected fall leaves until I noticed some one standing in the street taking pictures of it.
I know this is supposed to be a roadway image challenge but you can see a curb, right?

Selfie of me photographing the Lambo insignia

Selfie of me in the street photographing the Lambo insignia

That’s how shiny the paint job is.
I’m a sucker for a pretty car, because my dad was a car guy who taught me to identify all the 1960’s cars by sight.

What do you pull over to snap pictures of?

Let yourself be silently drawn
by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray.
~ Rumi ~

For Cee’s Which Way Challenge I was a Featured Blogger in her Last weeks Challenge with my Wandering Turkey Image.






Weekly Photo Challenge Selfie: I Was Here on This Day Bright Day

Selfie and surf

Selfie and surf and Golden Gate Bridge (the 2 uprights on the horizon)

The waves at our edge of the Bay were white and foamy

fog was rolling in on the western shore.

After snapping pictures of children and dogs

romping in the surf,

a tiny crab tangled in sea weed,

I felt the need to be included,

I turned the camera on myself,

lined my fluffy hair up with foaming waves and clicked.

I had not heard the term “selfie” then

I just knew I wanted to record

that I had been at this place at this time

on this bright day.

 I have included

a whiff of sharp exotic air

blown in through the Golden Gate

from Shanghai, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Carol Carlisle

Weekly Photo Challenge Selfie Writes: “A selfie doesn’t have to be all about you; it can reveal much more, given the elements you choose to include.” I hope I took you along on my day at the beach.

One of these days I’ll learn to do a selfie that doesn’t  included a view up my nose. 😉 Any suggestion on how to do that would be appreciated.

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