Wonder Wednesday: Finding your Voice by Listening to Moon River

I Just saw that Andy Williams died today at 84.  He certainly was part of the background of my childhood. Maybe a little too old to be a crush but the his voice was part of the back ground soundtrack of my life.    I especially loved his Christmas special. It just wasn’t Christmas without him.

Oh those blue eyes! He looked straight at me. I was seen!

There Is a Prompt Here

Listening, and being heard is a big part of our Write For Your Life group (see yesterday’s post). We Listen to a poem being read out loud, then we write, then we listen to  each other read what we have written.  Writing knowing someone will hear you changes us.  There is something about the alchemy of hearing others that gives us permeation we don’t get writing at home alone. We aren’t in the same room on the web but write today knowing you will be heard.

The “out loud” we share today is Moon River. Respond to it freely, get into the flow and see what bubbles up. If someone is around read it to them or the cat or the picture of aunt Mable. Then post it on you blog and give us the link. The final step is to check back and read each others see where they went; it does makes a difference to share!