I Just saw that Andy Williams died today at 84.  He certainly was part of the background of my childhood. Maybe a little too old to be a crush but the his voice was part of the back ground soundtrack of my life.    I especially loved his Christmas special. It just wasn’t Christmas without him.

Oh those blue eyes! He looked straight at me. I was seen!

There Is a Prompt Here

Listening, and being heard is a big part of our Write For Your Life group (see yesterday’s post). We Listen to a poem being read out loud, then we write, then we listen to  each other read what we have written.  Writing knowing someone will hear you changes us.  There is something about the alchemy of hearing others that gives us permeation we don’t get writing at home alone. We aren’t in the same room on the web but write today knowing you will be heard.

The “out loud” we share today is Moon River. Respond to it freely, get into the flow and see what bubbles up. If someone is around read it to them or the cat or the picture of aunt Mable. Then post it on you blog and give us the link. The final step is to check back and read each others see where they went; it does makes a difference to share!

13 thoughts

  1. I enjoyed Andy Williams even when I was just a kid watching his show on B&W television. He had some great songs!! And of course one of my favorite is Moon River. When he came to Branson about 20 years ago we went to see him at his theater. Was a great show. Several years ago I went to his place across the street from his theater to eat late one night. He came in after his show and was a very friendly man. I always appreciated that. I am sorry he has passed on.



  2. First I’ve heard of him passing…One of my favorites since I was a young girl…Just loved his voice…his TV specials…especially Christmas ones…I got to see one of them here in Louisville …wearing his sweater like it was freezing in the auditorium…It was great!


    1. Who knew so many people had direct contact with this icon of our childhood. Maybe I should post the You Tube of His Christmas Show too. I do remember those sweaters Thanks 🙂


    1. We debated about who wrote Moon River and came up with Henri Mancini .Were we right? Isn’t it wonderful to share these memories as those who peopled are childhood cross that great “Moon River” in style? Keep singing 🙂


  3. Carol, thank you for paying tribute to Andy Williams. I have always loved his voice – went right to the heart. I once read a story by a woman who was isolated for months with tuberculosis and said that Andy Williams’ voice singing on the radio helped her to heal. Wonderful thought. And I love Moon River, used to sing it all the time. Perhaps I will sing it this weekend in honor of Andy and the full moon. 🙂


    1. Lynn, Thank you for the story of healing and promise I can believe that about such a gentle singer.
      I would love to hear you sing Moon River, I will imagine you singing as the Moon rises over the hills.
      On a different note 😉 do you recognize the music from that goes with with the Moon tour in my Thursday’s post Full Moon Coming Soon. It is so haunting and perfect for sailing over the Moon! Thanks 🙂


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