Sun Shine: Listening to The Solstice

The Wheel of the year has brought us to the longest day.
I wake early thinking it’s so late,
Get the newspaper and snap the sunrise
Marking the progress of the sun with a telephone pole.
Everything is speaking if we listen.

Daily Post Asked us to reflect on the Summer Solstice
Where’s My Backpack Wanted Shine
What are you listening to on this longest or shortest day?

Phoneography: Brakedown of a Brown Sunrise

Brown air sunrise with roses (without wires)

Brown air sunrise with roses (without wires)

You know the air will be bad when the sunrise is brown.This is suppose to be the Golden Hour for photography even if the sun is filtered through smog I think the backlit glow is beautiful. Out on the front steps I captured the few remaining roses on the Cecil Brunner along with a bit of a sad spider web on the right. The second Monday photo challenge is macro photography so I played with this one image. Dose each cropped image hold its own as a photo I wonder. Let me know which you like.

Cecil Brunner Roses at end of season

2-Cecil Brunner Roses at end of season


3-Moving in closer same pic


4-Single glowing rose hip

Lens and Pens our challenge leader has a beautiful array of peonies, please visit her site
Happy Monday.

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