Brown air sunrise with roses (without wires)
Brown air sunrise with roses (without wires)

You know the air will be bad when the sunrise is brown.This is suppose to be the Golden Hour for photography even if the sun is filtered through smog I think the backlit glow is beautiful. Out on the front steps I captured the few remaining roses on the Cecil Brunner along with a bit of a sad spider web on the right. The second Monday photo challenge is macro photography so I played with this one image. Dose each cropped image hold its own as a photo I wonder. Let me know which you like.

Cecil Brunner Roses at end of season
2-Cecil Brunner Roses at end of season
3-Moving in closer same pic
4-Single glowing rose hip

Lens and Pens our challenge leader has a beautiful array of peonies, please visit her site
Happy Monday.

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27 thoughts

    1. Ok I need to learn me some photo shop to get rid of wires. Don’t know how often I want to take a chain saw to the telephone pole, oh did I say that out loud 😉
      They ruin our view I guess I just see through it.
      Oh yes Happy Monday!


  1. I like the second picture. Really, really “neat” shot.
    Remember the “brown” sunrises in Oklahoma? It wasn’t smog . . . just a lot of dirt blowing. Really noticed it more around sunset though. Been happening again this year, but have had quite a bit of rain the last few weeks. Sure glad.



    1. Oh yes there were some dramatic sunsets!! I’m sure our grand parents remembered the dust bowl and could have told stories of brown skies.
      You have been having some wet weather lately I guess. Send us some ASAP!


      1. Hi Carol, many photo apps that allow you to tweak, enhance & remove blemishes also have a clone feature. Basically you paint out something by cloning another area of your pic. I use Apple Aperture or Photoshop Elements. There are free online tools such as pic monkey if your photo editor doesn’t have the ability. 🙂


        1. Well duh! I have a Mac so iPhoto has “touch up” so I removed the wires. What do you think?
          Thanks for the app suggestions. I do like to use my phone for editing.
          So kind of you to help a fellow phoneographer 🙂


  2. I like the first and second picture…and I don´t mind wires :-), for me it´s interesting and unusual ,because we don´t have almost any wires in the town except wires for trams a trolley – each is under the land, but I understand that you hate it 🙂 ….and this brown sunrise – it´s really smog or it´s only fog ?


    1. Sylva, you and Marie even write alike with lots of smiles. I love that 🙂
      Well I took out the wires just to see if I could. What do you think?
      Brown sky around here is fog with pollution in it. I guess it’s smog. We have been having “spare the air” days because of pollution 😦
      I don’t notice the wires until I go to take a picture from my front window, which has a nice view except for the WIRES!!! 😉
      PS your English is getting so good, keep it up 😀


      1. 🙂 … I agree…but see birds sitting on wiress… it´s so romantic.. It´s good we didn´t see brown sunrise when we were in San Francisco…
        It´s good we didn´t see brown sunrise when we were in San Francisco
        If I´d want to see smog town I could go to the town Ostrava – in nothern Moravia :-)) it´s nearer


  3. I like the first and second photos, too. I love the brown hills in the background. Thanks for letting me choose a favorite!


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