Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag The Sharp Way of Snake

Gourd Bowl

Gourd Bowl with Mayan Snake Design

Mud flats

Mud flats river



Sutter Buttes

Sutter Buttes

the sharp
way of snake
the tender
cloud dreams
of the People.

Carol Carlisle

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for a story told through zigzag I offer a poem to go with the photos. What other zigzags might you add?

There Might Be Dragons

Sutter Buttes: The Worlds Smallest Mountain Range

When you can drive around

  a mountain in an hour

to see it from all sides,

and the weather changes

with each twist in the road,

and the clouds drifting past

 recreate the landscape

minute by minute,

anything is possible.

Today’s and yesterdays pictures were both taken at Sutter Buttes in Northern California. It was a glorious day in February after a rainstorm when the fruit trees were in full bloom.  We have had very little rain this year, so I put this out to the universe to remind it how much the rain is appreciated. You could call it a prayer if you are so inclined. Please

Imagine Rain