Turkeys in the Road: What’s for Thanksgiving Dinner Tomorrow?

Excerpts for local East Bay Express Article About The Turkeys Invasion

Turkeys Everywhere
Turkeys are roosting in Albany trees, at East Bay golf courses, and at Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery

Benjamin Franklin had it right when he argued that, while the eagle was a poor choice for the Great Seal as “a bird of bad moral character,” the turkey, though “a little vain and silly,” was “a bird of courage, and would not hesitate to attack a grenadier of the British Guard who should presume to invade his farm yard with a red coat on.” In short: Turkeys are not to be messed with.

Texas Turkeys
The ancestors of the birds we see in California today were released by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife starting in 1959. The birds, from wild Texas and Colorado stock, were smarter and hardier, and California’s conditions were perfect for them.

Turkey Comeback
Long an American underdog, turkeys are having a comeback. Millions roamed the United States, Canada, and Mexico when European colonists arrived, but turkey habitat disappeared as land was cleared for development. [So they have become a problem] They tear up gardens, scratch the paint on shiny cars, raid outdoor pet food bowls, and leave trails of cement-like mounds of poop wherever they go.

Happy Thanksgiving All Creatures Great and Small!

Will You be Eating Turkey Tomorrow?

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Cee’s Which Way Challenge


Tasty Treats on My Street for Which Way Challenge

Better Run!!!!

Better Run!!!!  Thanksgivin’ is a comin’

This is just a taste of my turkey (photos). Next Wednesday I’ll post a whole flock of them.
Here’s something else that could be on your Thanksgiving dinner table from my street.

Artichoke on our street

Late Fall Artichoke on our street

Artichokes are ornamental in our neighborhood. This one’s on the parking strip across the street from me. A dad planted it with his kids last Spring. I’ve enjoyed watching it and them thrive.

What treats thrive in your neighborhood? They don’t have to be edible.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge #20

043014 which way

Nurturing Thursday: A Ritual of Gratitude For Thanksgiving


Great Mystery

Make Thanksgiving a ritual of gratitude.

“Put aside personal agendas and ancient grievances, and refuse to let arrogance, yours or others, dominate the day. Let humility clear your vision. Take that humble breath, open your heart, and be thankful for the gift of life. We are so small and the Great Mystery is so vast, so unknowable, and so truly powerful, even more powerful than the stars—how could we be anything but humble before its Presence? Take that breath, the breath of life, and allow a day devoted to humility to strengthen the soul and nourish your spirit.”

Ralfi Finn

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Wonder Wednesday: Who Is Welcomed At Your Table?



WELCOMED  TABLE a place to wonder

Welcome Table Contemplation

Chairs scattered here and there waiting for friends to arrive

are you a welcomed friend at your own table?

No matter who shows up

show up for yourself,

this I tell myself.

Roses grow where they are planted

if you treat them right.

Seek the soil of kindness and joy

 for your self and all those around you.

Bless all who enter and give thanks.

(Is that Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks singing lead?)

According to the choir director of Jonah and the Wailers (seem below) the old Gospels song The Welcome Table originally was a Jewish idea.  Good idea for this year’s, once in a life time hybrid holiday of Thanksgiving and Chanukah.

Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and Chanukah To You!