Gooseberries blossoms in Huckleberry Preserve East Bay Regional Park Oakland, CA

I walk this along narrow,

shady trail high above a canyon

everything green grows miniature

not ready to be full size in winter.

Once long ago. these woods and trails were

the only arms that could hold me

that day a girl, a friend

I just met, died at her own hand.

The summer cloud forest

allowed very little light,

while the scent of fog and sword fern’s mint

wrapped me in a blanket of mist,

they set the boundaries in my life so

I might know the world is good.

4 thoughts

  1. Why do these photographs look so fantastic when I switch them to the 27 inch screen? Would they look as good printed in a book? All I know is every one of your photos has me wanting to own it, to hold it, to put it on my wall. But I can’t. For one thing, I do not think they would print up the way they look on the screen. Or do they? Have you tried it? Secondly, I could not possibly hold so many images in my head at once. Why do I want all of them? I do not feel this way about other great photos I have viewed. Is it because we live in the same area and these photos evoke such wonderful memories? I cannot figure it out. All I know is that I love looking at your photos. And I feel like I could do it all day!!!


    1. Carol, I am planing a book and I have printed some up and they cam out fantastic.
      I so appreciate your enthusiasm.. It gives me the push I need to create my business. Thank you.


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