Phoneography Nature Challenge: What the Tide Brought In

Tide snake

Tide snake

Kelp Creature

Kelp Creature

I have about 100 shots from the recent hight tide. These 2 are the most  abstract…

Tell me what you thinK?


Tasty Treats on My Street for Which Way Challenge

Better Run!!!!

Better Run!!!!  Thanksgivin’ is a comin’

This is just a taste of my turkey (photos). Next Wednesday I’ll post a whole flock of them.
Here’s something else that could be on your Thanksgiving dinner table from my street.

Artichoke on our street

Late Fall Artichoke on our street

Artichokes are ornamental in our neighborhood. This one’s on the parking strip across the street from me. A dad planted it with his kids last Spring. I’ve enjoyed watching it and them thrive.

What treats thrive in your neighborhood? They don’t have to be edible.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge #20

043014 which way

Nurturing Thursday: Soak in the Sunsets


 Can there be too many pink fluffy cloud sunsets? 

All this week people have been asking each other “Did you see the sky last Friday?”  This is not just happening here in Northern California I saw a post from Colline in Canada with images of a similar sunset. Seems to be Mother Nature’s way of saying to all of us there is an even bigger picture then the ones we see on the small screens. Nurturing beauty is all around when we take time to notice.
What uplifting gift have you received this week?

Nurturing Thursday

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let’s Talk About the End of Summer

Alvarado Park

Alvarado Park


Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge

Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge over I-80

How fast did Summer speed by?
What will you carry with you as you speed into fall?
Hope it is fond memories of lazy days.

Weekly Photo Challenge Dialog


Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag The Sharp Way of Snake

Gourd Bowl

Gourd Bowl with Mayan Snake Design

Mud flats

Mud flats river



Sutter Buttes

Sutter Buttes

the sharp
way of snake
the tender
cloud dreams
of the People.

Carol Carlisle

Weekly Photo Challenge asked for a story told through zigzag I offer a poem to go with the photos. What other zigzags might you add?

Happy Poetry Month April Fools

The Poet-tree

Ode To A Berkeley Telephone Pole

Out of the sidewalk in front of The Apple store

grows the poet-tree

leaflets flutter suggesting we

be not fools

for ’tis time to

celebrate, protest, write


it is the first of April.

 Leave offerings

of ripe fruit and

wrinkled first drafts,

enough to start a bonfire perhaps,

Place them on the sidewalk

in front of the Apple store

and see what else might grow

from the Poet-tree!

April Fools

April Fools!

Carol Carlisle

Happy National Poetry Month!

Let’s begin it with inspration from Hafiz:

A wine bottle fell from a wagon and
broke open in a field.That night one hundred beetles and all their cousins
Gatheredand did some serious binge drinking.They even found some seed husks nearby
and began to play them like drums and whirl.
This made God very happy.Then the “night candle” rose into the sky
and one drunk creature, laying down his instrument,
said to his friend ~ for no apparent
Reason,”What should we do about that moon?”Seems to Hafiz
Most everyone has laid aside the music

Tackling such profoundly useless

~ Hafiz ~
Who else among you is participating outrageous fools errand?
Part of NAPOWriMo