Little boy blue come blow your

the sheep’s in the meadow

and the cow’s in the corn.


I couldn’t resist capturing this lovely escapee from a nursery rhyme.

She is posing in the posies at my favorite nursery Annie’s Annuals.

I hope Miss Elsie brightens the beginning of your week.



 Name the Cow Sweepstakes
To enter:  give Miss Elsie a new name
and you will win a poem with her name and yours plus my undying gratitude for reading the whole post. Winner chosen at random.

Good Luck and and Welcome to Monday Funnies

6 thoughts

  1. I liked the photo when I clicked on your blog, but when I made it big on my screen, the hat on the cow made me laugh. Now, I wonder why I did not have that response on the small photo, same photo. This is really amazing to me. The power of the big screen!!! ha ha


  2. Carol…I just type a colon and a right parenthesis, and WordPress automatically converts it to a smiley face (unless you turn that feature off…check your Writing Settings page). As for names for your cow…three came to mind: Betty Lou, for my mother; Emmeline, after a cousin; and Ethel, after my great-aunt.


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