Let us speak of light

now there is too much

I forget to go to bed,                                              

I stay up and do silly things

after all the sun just went

down a while ago.

Berry cobbler would

taste good with whipped

cream and champagne.

I’ll turn on the oven if you’ll

run out for the cream.

What do you mean the corner

store will be closed?

Doesn’t everything stay

open for Summer Solstice!

Carol Carlisle

Last week we went out to the beach then came home to drink champagne and eat berries with whipped cream for the Summer Solstice. Baking  was just too much work.  Oh but we did have chocolate so Summer will stay around long enough for the sacred rite of berry cobbler.  Whipped cream or home made ice cream which do you prefer with your cobbler?

4 thoughts

  1. Can I bring thehome made ice cream for the cobbler?? lol Does sound good doesn’t it!! Right now it’s a good time to stay inside. It was 104 degrees here yesterday. Gonna be around 107 on Thursday. Gee Could probably bake a pie on the patio. Hee, hee



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