Four Girls Four Nationalities

Four Girl,s Four Nationalities: American, Taiwanese, Turkish, Japanese

Almost any street photo in San Francisco would be a study in diversity. This just happens to be my daughter (on the left) with students from the language school where she works. Our next-door neighbor counted 21 countries represented at the Thanksgiving they hosted.

Moss, Lichen, Fern and Grass Berkely Native Plant Garden

Moss, Lichen, Fern and Grass Berkeley Native Plant Garden

Everything and everyone mix together in the Bay Area. Any chance we get to share our different cultures is a chance to make a more peaceful world.

I am happy to share these photos for Lost In Translations’s Thursday Special Diversity.

Which Way Challenge 21: One Way To Get Grandma’s House Fast!

Lamborghini on 4th Streer

Lamborghini on 4th Street

Fast! Very Fast! 

Here’s one way to get Grandmother’s house in time for the turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Ghost Car
This, just off the show room floor, Lamborghini almost disappeared in the reflected fall leaves until I noticed some one standing in the street taking pictures of it.
I know this is supposed to be a roadway image challenge but you can see a curb, right?

Selfie of me photographing the Lambo insignia

Selfie of me in the street photographing the Lambo insignia

That’s how shiny the paint job is.
I’m a sucker for a pretty car, because my dad was a car guy who taught me to identify all the 1960’s cars by sight.

What do you pull over to snap pictures of?

Let yourself be silently drawn
by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray.
~ Rumi ~

For Cee’s Which Way Challenge I was a Featured Blogger in her Last weeks Challenge with my Wandering Turkey Image.






Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Not Your Usual Parade Floats

Anything on Wheels Goes in The Solano Stroll

Green Chair on wheels

Green Chair on wheels!

This “float” got the most cheers. Why? Two years ago in the big Yosemite fire, Berkeley Family Camp was destroyed along with these Green Chairs. They were where we sat and relaxed before dinner, read books or played cards with our kids. The Green Chairs meant summer vacation to all of us! Now they are truing to rebuild.

Pups on wheels

Pups on wheels

Happy St.Francis Day!

Friend on wheels

Friend on wheels

I was impressed by the devotion of the not so young man pushing his elderly uncle… the wrong way up the parade route…it didn’t seem to matter they were having a wonderful time!

Dear Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge participants these are not the greatest art photos but hopefully I captured the Joy of our local parade.


Nurturing Thursday: Be Held

There Are Arms Waiting For YOU!

photoYou Are Held
You Are Lovable
Just the Way You Are

Proud Dad showing off his 17 day old daughter at recent neighborhood block party. No one could keep their eyes off of that relationship it was hypnotic
We wanted to hold her
We wanted to be her.

Feel free to add your own affirmations.

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Weekly Photo Challenge Contrasts: A Frog, Bridesmaids, and A Bride



A Frog Tale

A dime sized frog showed up on a window sill of the cabin we were staying at over the weekend to attend a wedding. A couple of the bridesmaids were with us. These are not squeamish gals. We all crowded into the small bathroom, to admire this tiny being. I carried it out to join its brethren, then we went back to getting prettied up for the next day. There was talk of hair products and makeup as usual for such events. In the morning when I left my Italian conditioner in the shower I called out:
“The Giovanni is in the shower!”
one of the lovely bridesmaids called back:
Oh! Is that the name of the frog?”

Sometimes the Princess names the frog instead of kisses it, a much better outcome for a modern Fairy Tail don’t you think?

This all started out as post for Weekly photo challenge/contrasts/. Well here we have dark against light, soft against hard, and old against new story. Oh you might enjoy a few images of the girls.

The Bride and Her Dog Pip Lots of contrast here too.

The Bride and Her Dog Pip Lots of contrast here too.

Mia the bridesmaid who named the frog

Maya the bridesmaid who named the frog.

Mia and my daughter Jessie waiting to escort the bride on a windy day by the sea.

Maya and my daughter Jessie waiting to escort the bride on a windy day by the sea.

Which photo has the most contest too you?

The photo’s are inspired by Lens and Pens and the writing was under the influence of  Margo Rody‘s Tuesday Tryout





Nurturing Thursday: To Live Whole Heartedly

photo 3

 Words from Berne Brown’s TED Talk The Power of vulnerability. 

Courage to be imperfect
Compassion to be kind to yourself
Enough Connection to let go of who you think you to ought be
and become who you really are.

Live Whole Heartedly
Believe you are worthy of Love and Belonging
Harness the power of vulnerability and live Joyfully

That is my imperfect summary of this deeply meaningful talk that I highly recommend you give the gift of 20 minutes to watch.  I would love to hear that you did watch it and how you felt about it. After three days I am still finding new meaning from her words.

Happy Nurturing Thursday From the wisdom of Becca Givens

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Poetry Day 25: An Anaphora

Out of the Darkness…

Squash Blossom

The Glow

Into The Light

Out of the dark into the light that glows.
All life begins with yellow.

Out of the darkness into to the fray, that sounds.
A wail
All life begins with a wail.

Out of the darkness into the heart, that opens.
A rose,
New life begins with a rose.

Out of the darkness into the arms, that wait.
A mother,
New life begins with a mother.

Out of the darkness into the garden, that grows
A child,
New life begins with a child.

Out of the darkness into the world, that welcomes
A father,
New life begins with a father.

Darkness surrenders
a family is born.

Carol Carlisle 4/25/14

 Anaphora is a literary term for the practice of repeating certain words or phrases at the beginning of multiple clauses or, in the case of a poem, multiple lines.
Did this work as an Anaphora?






Poetry Day 20: Hymns My Mother Sang

 The Buzz of Hymn Singing

IMG_0057 - Version 2

The Gate Swings Wide

was the background sound of my childhood.

“the old rugged Cross, the emblem of suffering and shame”

accompanied dish washing and ironing.

If Grandma or Mama were feeling cheerful “What A Friend  we have in Jesus”
might be splashed in with the Palmolive or Tide.

If Daddy had to work too many overnight shift and Mama was feeling blue
the clothes would be pinned on the line with

“I come to the Garden alone while the dew is still on the roses…”

Those sweet words
seemed to be the top tune of Mama’s Gospel Chart
They accompanied everything
from pickle making to floor waxing,
I am still convinced that floors won’t shine as bright
without the buzz of a hymn.

Housework was all my mothers knew
My mother the child of the depression.
My grandmother a true pioneer woman.
she lived in a sod house
road from Colorado
to Arkansas in a covered wagon.

They didn’t need to go to church that often
their own voices provided the

 “blessed assurance”

of love and comfort
” where “gates swing wide”  while
dew is still on the roses” and every garden had

Fifty Miles of Elbow Room

When the gates swing wide on the other side,
Just beyond the sunset sea.
There’ll be room to spare as we enter there.
There’ll be room for you and room for me.
For the gates are wide on the other side,
Where the fairest flowers bloom.
On the right hand and on the left hand,
Fifty miles of elbow room.

Traditional Hymn

Carol Carlisle 4/20/14

NaPoWriMo prompt: Today I challenge you to write a poem in the voice of a member of your family. I instated wrote about the voices of my family.

Happy Easter and Sunday Writing