I’m overflowing with light and delight

more moon lunacy spills out onto my page

First A Blue Moon Haiku

Moon moon, flowers bloom.

Tides rise high, hearts expand.

August twenty-twelve

blue moon.
And now for Elvis singing a very moody Blue Moon. Listen for bongos

they really takes me back to the 60’s. Does anyone know who is singing

back up?  Can you name the constellation in the picture.  I hope you enjoy being swept away with “a dream in your heart.”

14 thoughts

  1. Just happened to be listening to Elvis on the radio in the car tonight as we were returning to our place in Yale. As we came up over a hill, there was that moon just beginning to reach up to the sky. It was really beautiful tonight. It is clear here so will light up the sky.



  2. This is my favourite version of Blue Moon…and one of my favourite Elvis songs. I love that you get to hear him use his voice in a way you don’t hear on many of his other recordings


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