Nurturing Thursday: Take Off on a Magic Sofa Ride

Cozy is Calling

House bound, imprisoned by the weather, flu or ennui?

Take this as an opportunity to embrace cozy,

Transform loneliness into solitude.

Set off on a magic sofa ride

Dress for adventure

in flannel pajamas and fluffy robe

Sink into soft cushions wrap up in warm blankets

let your imagination take you to

far-a-way places with strange-sounding names.

Meet new people, eat exotic food that

will agree with you.

Climb to great heights and explore deepest canyons

and have enough breath to sing

all without pain.

That’s what can happen when you take

a magic sofa ride!

Brewed in Percolator

Nurture Yourself this Thursday.

Posted in Collaboration with Becca Givens creator of Nurturing Thursday

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Jakes Printers Sunday Post asks for a place to REST.

Dance Around and High Steppin’ Friday

Let’s Kick Up Our Heals!

Daily Prompt Suggested Singular Sensation so what else could I put  for Dance Around Friday! This final number from Chorus Line is reminiscent of old-time Hollywood movies especially those spectacular put out by Busby Berkeley. Have you seen the ones where the stage rises up and spins around then opens to a diving platform  and a dancer plummeting into a pool below followed by the chorus line. Now that is a Singular Sensation  Ok now I  have to find a Mr Berkeley production on YouTube for you.
Before I go there, I think it’s important to remember that the story line of A Chorus Line is about the struggles of young dancers just to be a member of the  great multitude of dancer in such a production, and there in lies the irony.

Wow psychedelic man! As they use to say in Berkeley. Dose all those images take your breath away like it does mine? CERTAINLY IS A SENSATION!! and maybe that is what those dancers wanted to be a part of all along.

Sunday Post: Mary Oliver Inspired Goals

A walk in the woods

 Goal to live the now suggested by Mary Oliver

The god of dirt
came up to me many times and said
so many wise and delectable things, I lay
on the grass listening
to his dog voice,
crow voice,
frog voice; now,
he said, and now,
and never once mentioned forever
~ Mary Oliver ~
(Dream Work)
Jackesprinters asks us to believe in our goals and we’re half way there. Confession: because I need a hip replacement walking in the woods an knowing nothing is forever seems worthy goals for now.

Blue Moon & Elvis!

I’m overflowing with light and delight

more moon lunacy spills out onto my page

First A Blue Moon Haiku

Moon moon, flowers bloom.

Tides rise high, hearts expand.

August twenty-twelve

blue moon.
And now for Elvis singing a very moody Blue Moon. Listen for bongos

they really takes me back to the 60’s. Does anyone know who is singing

back up?  Can you name the constellation in the picture.  I hope you enjoy being swept away with “a dream in your heart.”

I Wonder This Wednesday About A Mayan Mystery Gourd

The Power of Fierce Beauty

Inlaid with abalone

Carved from a gourd.

Inscribed with runes

of such fierce beauty

only our the spirals

of our dreams

can ford what it means.

I wonder: What would happen to the hopes and dreams, cares and concerned cooked in such a container or cauldron if you will?

What shifts transformations or transmutations might occur.

Today August 22 the Sun Moves from Summery Leo to Back to School Virgo. Just something else to think about, write about, dream about and share with others. You may use the Images as a prompt if you like. I took it in a little modern art gallery and I don’t know anything else about it except it fascinates me. How does it effect you?

Sparks of Creativity and Tender Burning in Black and White

Sparks of creativity are going off all around me.

I had been planing to post this  B&W photo  of lit fireworks when I opened Lynn Purse’s The Four Elements:Light  post where she announces her latest CD. Please go see beautiful video and get a free down load of her music  for the Element  “light”.  Obviously my favorite.

She also enclosed quote from Victor Frankl : What is to give light must endure burning.”

This is what I wrote in my writing class this mourning from  all these inspirations

Late Summer

Lost in a dry landscape

walking on crunching grass

afraid any spark will

set my path on fire

at the same time longing for

a bright flame to guide me

toward the the story

about the lush place

I thought was home.

I will endure the dry grass

one step after the other

until there is a lighting strike

or the tender burning of

“Once upon a time…”

Carol Carlisle

I’m going ti file this under Jakesprinters because his prompt Black & White sparked this whole enterprise.

An Invitaion to Relax

Come on in

after all

“August is the

 Backyard of Summer”

have a seat and stay awhile

in the sun

in the shade

with a friend

or catch a nap!

Every where we went in Sanoma County there were Adirondack chairs. They are so comfortable. Which one do you prefer?  The lovely lady  in the big blue chair is my daughter.