I had the Great Pumpkin Adventure with this challenge theme Big. First I went to a grocery store and found this nice medium sized pumpkin to your rt. While I was snapping it’s portrait I attracted the attention of a helpful shopper who suggested if I wanted a photo of really big Pumpkin I try the local produce store a mile away.  He wasn’t kidding as you can see.
The theme suggested you get a by stander to give it some perspective. How about a kid standing on it or next to it?  As long as I was there I also captured another shot of this sweet little pumkin posing for her daddy on a pumpkin as big as she is.  Ain’t life Grand I mean BIG!


15 thoughts

  1. I always wonder what farm stands do with those enormous pumpkins when Halloween is over. I know they don’t bake pies with them; the flesh is too tough. Compost? Cow and horse chow? What happens to the Great Pumpkins?


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