Dime sized mushrooms
Dime sized mushrooms or toad stools?

How Mushroom Soup Is Made

Each and every autumn

constellations of

mushrooms appear

beneath our feet.

They remind us

there exist entire galaxies

hidden in the darkness

waiting for someone

to just add water

and stir.

(Eat at your own risk.)

Carol Carlisle

FYI:  I’ve been oft told, there are no old bold mushroom hunters!

I meant to write about how words are powerful tools for shinning light into the dark and telling the truth.  I guess my truth today is don’t eat toad stools.  Maybe you can add something to the mix about the wisdom of light. I can’t seem to get there          today.

Weekly Photo Challenge wants a picture of changing seasons. This is the best I have for the damp San Fransisco bay area.  I have gone on some marvelous mushroom walks the first week of many Decembers.

14 thoughts

  1. I just got back from taking pictures down in our very wet arroyo, now that the rain has stopped. I love watching mushrooms sprout. Yes, watching them. I’m very patient, and it’s a wonderful meditation.


  2. I like the ‘look’ of a’ constellation of mushrooms.’ We had some I meant to photograph when we had a brief warm spot after a chill. But the next chill turned them into an explosion of black debris. Now I wonder if in the spring there will be a whole patch of delights for the little critters – As I would not dare to eat unidentifiable fungus 🙂
    Delightful photo.


  3. Nice story Jules, Good nutrients for the soil you’ll have to check next spring to see what else is growing there. We had a morel pop up under our apple tree once. A friend who knew mushrooms came and identified it and we feasted on it 😀


  4. Did you ever go mushroom hunting “down on the farm”? Mary goes down on our property south of Yale each year. I didn’t go this year because of my knee. She normally finds a lot of mushrooms. The only way we have ever had them is fried. They are really good that way. Don’t think I would like the soup, but I bet Mary would. Don’t know if I’d even try it or not. You know me, I’m just a little stubborn. lol Glad she and her brother know the difference between toad stools and muchrooms. Hee, hee (have you ever heard of toadstool soup?)



  5. This fascinates me, Carol. I live in the Sonora Desert, so no good mushroom hunting here. But just a 30-minute drive up Mt. Lemmon offers some opportunity to those in the know. You’ve prompted me to search out a guide and see what we can see!


  6. Wow so glad to know this humble picture was inspirational ! We went to the desert every summer and I remember some little strange mushrooms we would find or maybe they were cactus. Hmm Let me know what you find Kim.


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