Both Pictures Taken on the Same Day

An Iris bravely blooming and the Christmas tree on Curb.

You may wonder how do these images connect to what traditionally Epiphany the day when the 3 Wise Men finally get to Bethlehem with their gifts?  Well if you look in an almanac at time of sunrise since the Winter Solstice you will notice it has been the same time every day while Sunset has been a minute later every day. Starting January 7th the sun will finally begin rising earlier each day so our days are becoming noticeably longer.  Signaling time to take down those dried up Christmas tree and life begins to bloom again. This is the earliest I have ever seen iris bloom even in California (global warming!) but our  might spirits brighten with the gift from the Sun.

Gun Smoke and Knitting writes about The Inuvik Sunrise Celebration – the annual celebration of the return of the sun after an absence of about 28 days above the Arctic Circle.  A bonfire and fireworks add to this celebration on the Saturday closest to the sunrise.

Bond fire and fireworks sounds like a good idea. Before we had spare the air days a friend use to host a comunal Christmas tree bond fires. Now we just put the trees out for recycling perhaps better for the planet but not as much fun.

3 thoughts

  1. Iris is my favorite flower!! My grandmother in Tonkawa had a huge Iris garden behind their house. That’s probably why I love them so much. We have several at Yale and a few here in McAlester. But . . . . they sure aren’t blooming right now. lol Enjoyed seeing yours!!



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