Cant see the cloud for the fog
There were no clouds only fog today, turning the earth into a black and white poetic statement

See long shadow that is cast by the tree?
We and trees throw shadows on the earth. See
What has not shadow has no strength to live.

from Faith by Czeslaw Milosz

Milosz lived and wrote for many years in Berkeley. I suspect such images were quite familiar to him.

How do you embrace your shadow?

7 thoughts

  1. Neat, neat, neat!!! Just love this picture.
    Sorry about the ball game last night. I was sure hoping they would win.



      1. I can’t believe I didn’t take some pictures this morning. Was really foggy here and was neat. Couldn’t see but 1/2 block at the most. Some areas couldn’t see but 50 or 75 feet. Wouldn’t want that all the time though. lol



  2. Isn’t our winter weather mercurial?? I mean, one day we have this gorgeous sunshine and warmth, no coat needed, and the next day it is dark and gloomy and cold. Get out the hat, mittens, and scarf. Why is it when it is sunny, I always think it is going to last forever??? And I do the same with the cold.


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