What better example of hope than a tiny brave bud in the middle of Winter.
What better example of hope than a tiny brave bud in the middle of Winter.

I almost gave up finding an image for HOPE but than the sun hit the little redbud buds outside my kitchen window. As far as I am concerned bare branches blooming and flowers emerging from seeds is  the true magic of hope…

Thank you Jakesprinters for suggestion of HOPE.

P.S. I Hope the San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl!  GO Niners!

27 thoughts

  1. I love the thought of HOPE…without it…I couldn’t exist…
    and I guess I’ll have to go for the 49ers…due to my maiden name being “NINER” …good a reason as any since I’m not a big football follower…Only if U of K or Louisville is playing…


  2. I’ve also been wondering who you would root for today Carol. lol
    I noticed that we have some Day Lillies starting to come up and also some Jonquils (spell it). They always get frozen back and then come out again. This warm weather that we have had has fooled them again. Spring is my favorite time of year!!!! All the flowers and trees that bloom. Especially the redbud trees. They are only pretty when they bloom.



      1. I remember that too Carol. I took some pictures of the trees with a coating of ice on them just glistening in the morning sun. It was a late freeze and was in May that it happened. I was still in highschool so it was probably in 1957 or 1958. Good Memory!!



  3. Good luck niners! We had brief period of relative warmth recently and my daffodils started to emerge. Talk about hope – unfortunately it was a little misplaced!


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