Sacred Mother Tableau

Sacred Mother Tableau
Mosaic mother
Corn Madonna
Arms stretching out
Welcoming us all
Protecting our Earth
Gracias Madre.

Carol Carlisle

Poetic Blooming suggested this Tableau form: verses of 6 lines with 6 beats each.

The photo is from the mosaic at the entrance to Gracias Madre a very special place to dine. I thought this was a good image for something called a tableau or table picture.

3 thoughts on “Sacred Mother Tableau

  1. I like your “corn madonna” line–the Corn Mother is a sacred being–a goddess, really–to the Cherokee. Her name is Selu. And she is exactly that–a mother goddess figure–just like the Mary Madonna is (even if the Catholic Church would spit nails before they called Mary a goddess!)


    • Interesting, from my reading and study many forms and images of Mother Mary came from early goddess cultures. Shhhh don’t tell the Catholic Church. Thank you for the Cherokee name for Corn maiden.


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