20130515-090108.jpgJessie in Wonderland
I wonder what gile the gimbal and other matters of nonsense preside here? Have we entered “Laura’s World” ? There ought to be a poem or story somewhere among the purple and azure trees. Put words to her wondering, perhaps!
I’d love to hear your musing here.

9 thoughts

  1. Good one. The way Jessie is standing with her eyes closed it looks like she is a part of the Mural. Neat.



  2. A patchworker in Paradise
    stands underneath a paradigm
    of projects, about to topple on her,
    O! those curved seam clouds,
    three-dimensional cacti,
    fancy trees
    and naturalistic flowers.
    How can she reproduce this
    nightmare scenario?

    There is something similar afoot in my six-word-Saturday!


    1. Viv, I wish I could get the whole piece on film for you .but it’s in an alley way so I couldn’t get back far enough. So glad you put this image to poetry. Now I challenge you to create it in cloth. 😉


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