My dad taught me
Something he did really fine
Smooth as silk as if he had no bones
Relaxed and flowing he’d skate around the rink
in waltz time.

I learned on the sidewalk out front with steel skates that had a key.

I could fly down the street
with my hair blowing
and the sound of sunshine
in my heart.
Happy Father’s Day!

What lesson did you learn from your dad?

My Sweetie and my daughter’s father, just reminded me of the roller skate song:

13 thoughts

  1. I remember that song. Also remember the roller skates!! I still have the roller skate key in a jar of “stuff” sitting above the fireplace. (Really) Not sure where the skates are though. Bet if I would dig deep enough I’d find them. lol Sure skated a lot on the rough sidewalks around our house.



      1. Skated at the Conoco Gym all the time. I would stay until they closed and ride my bicycle home after dark. At that young age it was kinda scary riding home late like that. Bet I made it home in about 2 minutes. lol



  2. Proper roller skates, Carol! We used to have an open air rink and my Uncle Eric was a star of the roller hockey team. Bless him, he’s gone, but not forgotten. 🙂


    1. I have to playing it again. 😎 I also do enjoy meeting so many people from all over…Your inspiring me to put up one of those maps to keep track of where all my visitors are from.


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