Enjoy Earth Day with Silly Poetry

Chicken In a Hat

The Chicken In a Hat  that inspired this poem

What Kind of Meal Is That?

Is a chicken in a silly hat

happier than a chicken in a pot

with yucky celery and a stinky carrot?

Let’s pretend she is a Zombi Chicken Gal

She can become our new pal.

It’s plain you see we made her smile

As she dances on the stove

In her hat of purple onions and a garlic clove.

How about we invite her friend from school

The Goat Fish Ghoul?

To make sure there is enough to serve

We’ll mix up some gruel with a Ghost Cat herb

and add, of course, crunchy wing of Vampire Bat.

What kind of meal is that?

Carol Carlisle 4/22/14
Did I leave any creature out?
Please feel free to add your own.
Oh no, I just remembered Godzilla
He Rhymes with???


NaPoWriMo: Today, I challenge you to write a poem for children. I took my cue from Shel Silverstein who knew that children liked anything silly and yucky, the yuckier the better. This was designed to make even the grumpiest grown-up let down their chin and grin 😀

Poetry Day 16: Lie To Me

True Lies about the Moomish

Aerial  View of Moomistan

Aerial View of Moomishstan Land

When You Visit the Moomish

Don’t step on the Mooms
They’re all squishy and slippery
They’ll stick on shoes
They’ll turn to blue goo
It smells like fresh poo
Then you must hide in the house
But you don’t have to grouse
At least you are not out
Where everything smells all Moomish

All the Mooms of Moomishtan Land belong to the Queen
Because of their eyes most sparkling and green
When they all blink it is quite a grand scene!

Don’t fooled the Mooms they taste like prime ribs 
Which goes quite well with a french fries  

But all who eat Moom pie
Just fall down and die.
So remember all the good that you may hear
about things most Moomish: Beware
they are shockingly filled with big fat green-eyed lies and a fibs.

Carol Moom

I misspelled Moon in the yesterday’s post  so it reads Prisoner’s Poem: No Moom!  Since then around my house it has become fun playing with who or what Moom might be. So low-and-behold today’s prompt was to  write a poem that each line was a lie so I went to town riffing on Moom and all things Moomish. NaPoWriMo This prompt is from Daisy Fried, and the basic idea is to write a ten-line poem in which each line is a lie. Your lies could be silly, complicated, tricky, or obvious.

Wonder Wednesday: Where Do You Find What You Really Need?

Sunset explosion

Sunset Dec 17, 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Sometimes You get What You Need

Shopping at the big box store

buying trinkets and bobbles

deodorant and electronics

I wonder is this any way to avail myself

of the season’s promised transcendence

when the friend at my elbow

says “hurry we have to catch the sunset.”

Caught in traffic and one-way streets we

drive around looking for unobstructed views.

Stopping traffic on a side streets I hand her my phone

to capture the fire before it goes out.

Unsure of our success we drive on

past no trespassing signs, on unmarked pavement

until we reach the place between earth and sky

the expanse of the bay opened before us and

we are captured by the flame of grace.

Carol Carlisle 12/18/13


What would you go off the beaten path to find?  Also, if you are so moved feel free caption these clouds like we use to.

Wonder Wednesday: Meet The Green Man

Green Man in My Garden

Green Man in My Garden hangs next to a cactus that was brought from Mexico over 100 years ago.

Who Is The Green Man?

Spirit of all things green and growing

Spirit of all things wild

Spirit of all things un-mowed, un-chopped

Spirit of grass in the cracks of the sidewalk and

moss on the shower door

Spirit of the untamable

Spirit of the wind fall tree in your path

Spirit that challenges the sad and timid spirit

 Choose to surrender or

Embrace him, call him brother, lover

Dare to dance with him on the longest night of the year!

Dare to become the Green Man!

Carol Carlisle 12/11/13

Are you up to the challenge? Have you encountered him along your journey?

Just one reading of many about the Green Man The Green Man

Wonder Wednesday: It’s All in How You Look at It!

Looking out, looking in?

Looking out, looking in?

Perspective is the word of the day. It is all about how you look at things. The flu got the better of me last week and I ended up in the hospital. Fortunately I had my iPhone and a window with a view, so I pretended I was in a spa-until “they” started poking me with needles and giving me bad food.  “They” insisted I get up and walk so I took pictures as I wondered around when friends and family came to visit. Here are a few: (Notice how here are no smiling group shots)

Now that I’m home and on the mend, I really appreciate the little things around me like:

Trader Joe's Mamalade

Trader Joe’s Marmalade

What would help you keep your perspective if were far from anything like home?

What would help you feel at home when you return? Or

When have you felt far from home…homeless even?

Wonder Wednesday: What Colors Do You See?

Dry duck pond

Over the river and through the woods, what colors do you see?

Black and white leaves so much to the imagination.

The fall colors can be as bright and varied

as your mind’s eye allows.

The log bridge can take you where you need to go,

Step into a poem of November’s wondering,

Let it create you anew. Sage grows nearby

and turkeys call from ’round the bends.

Carol Carlisle

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