Let’s Kick Up Our Heals!

Daily Prompt Suggested Singular Sensation so what else could I put  for Dance Around Friday! This final number from Chorus Line is reminiscent of old-time Hollywood movies especially those spectacular put out by Busby Berkeley. Have you seen the ones where the stage rises up and spins around then opens to a diving platform  and a dancer plummeting into a pool below followed by the chorus line. Now that is a Singular Sensation  Ok now I  have to find a Mr Berkeley production on YouTube for you.
Before I go there, I think it’s important to remember that the story line of A Chorus Line is about the struggles of young dancers just to be a member of the  great multitude of dancer in such a production, and there in lies the irony.

Wow psychedelic man! As they use to say in Berkeley. Dose all those images take your breath away like it does mine? CERTAINLY IS A SENSATION!! and maybe that is what those dancers wanted to be a part of all along.

3 thoughts

  1. Well, I didn’t quite have the energy to kick up my heels, but I improvised a kind of “sittercize” routine to get my blood flowing while sitting in front of the computer watching the Chorus Line one. (It’s nice when no one is home to watch me acting goofy.)


  2. Remember in the “olden” days when we would watch our black and white TV’s. The Jacky Gleason show always had dancers like that and had a camera above them. Even as a little kid and into my early teens I enjoyed watching his show and seeing the dancers. Ah Carol, more memories. lol Probably even watched them at your house.




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