moon above the canyons of our earth walk.

Harvest Moon revealing itself above the seemingly solid canyons. What altering in the structure of your life? Time to let go of the river bank and go with the flow.

Astrology Report “The September 19th Full Moon represents a reaching out for balance, the balance of the undefined and numinous otherworldly dimensions of reality represented by Pisces versus the detailed nuts and bolts of Virgo, the earth sign where the Sun still resides for this full moon…. We are in the midst of a very definite structural alteration that could result in an entirely new set of underlying principles heading into October and the end of the present year. It does not get any easier, although with the acceptance of the idea it does get far more possible to bear. We benefit from losing the blinders that we normally wear, that limit our view and hold us hostage to our fears.” Astrograph

Tomorrow in Nurturing Thursday I hope to give a tool for letting go for Pema Chodra.

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