Why are you here?

How to let go

Advice from An Outdoor Concert

Stop asking:

“Why am I here when I

can’t even see the stage.” Perhaps you can

watch the moon rise above the trees or

talk to your companions

who waved come sit with me.


The fiddle player knows the tune,

he’s played it one thousand times.

The moon can find her way across the sky,

the path is well trod.

Drink all this in

listen to the music

look to moment.

Will there ever be an other

night like tonight?

© Carol Carlisle 9/19/13

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14 thoughts

    1. I have actually thought about putting in a line after “relax” about sinking into the grass or in my case the bright red lawn chair. But this way one is left to their imaging. All is certainly well!


    1. As full as our little park was I hope the musicians knew they were appreciated. My husband the super fan of Emmylou Harris has his weekend planned out for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass coming in 2 weeks. We’ll put an air mattress on the floor when ever you can get out here for it. 🙂


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