goblin in the garden

Beware of All October’s Strangers

The ghouls, goblins and ghosties

come out to be creepy and sneaky

about my gardens rows and hedgies.

Lock up the cat, chain down the dogies.

Tell all the children to beware!

October’s wind blows in

terrible creatures with long nosies,

fingers and toesies.

They sniff around for sweet tender bitys

of all thing young and growsin’.

Hang lavenders and apples

over the windows,

throw salt and sages

under all the fences.

Go inside behind locked doors

and drink toastie

of hot coca and marshmallow roasties,

laugh so loud and cheery

you scare away the fierest ghoulies,

goblins and ghosties!

Carol Carlisle 10/12/13

Reposting For JNW Halloween Challenge Bobbing for Apples

Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge is Macro Photography. I submit this ghoulie witch I found hiding in the leaves on my garden. I didn’t even notice her until I came inside to play with the pictures. It took just a little Photo Toaster magic to make her appear.

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26 thoughts

    1. Ok I I looked up rowan trees, mountain ash. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for them in N. California. Now where is here for you? I’ve been told plant rosemary to keep the witches and anyone with fowl purposes away, it just didn’t rhyme quite right for the poem.


    1. We have a little color change in Northern California I do miss rolling hills for color. I was thinking of the poem for a party or for children, Please feel free to share it, maybe just keep my name on it 🙂


  1. Preparing for Halloween is great because I love the Fall. The leaves are just beginning to turn a little here, and in a few weeks “our rolling hills” will be beautiful. A lot of people decorate for halloween here. Just an enjoyable time of year.



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