The grasp of winter beckons

what calls us to our fears?

Dark branches!

Choose well my friends

it is very late and

the path is guarded by our tears.

Carol Carlisle 10/13/13

I often wonder did Spider Woman create the first witches by wrapping ends of branches in her web? What is it that frightens us about her dance around the edges of our gardens?

Daily prompt ask for an examination of Late. My prompt  for you is Fears! Bhwa-ha-ha!

14 thoughts

  1. Unreasoning Fear

    How subtly it changed-
    a dimming of the lights
    a menacing air that sent
    shivers down my spine
    then an alarm in my brain
    screamed RUN,RUN
    but my feet were deep
    in molasses, clinging, sucking,
    syrupy, slow motion betrayal.
    Closer, closer the menace
    slithered as I screamed
    and fought the grasping,
    entangling blanket
    till finally awake
    I waited for my heart
    to beat normally again.


    1. Spin tinglingly wonderful! One of the best uses of syrupy ever! Could be the opening lines of a Dark and Stormy Night Challenge. May you have sweeter dreams all week. Thanks for sharing, Debi.


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