Click any photo for a slide show of sunsets over local horizons. Which works for the cover of the horror novel “A Dark and Stormy Night”?

Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “Horizon” | soletusknow
  2. Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon | mybeautfulthings
  3. weekly photo challenge: horizon | Found
  4. Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon | cet4k cet1k cet0k
  5. Climbing Sabalan Peak; Iran | Broken Light: A Photography Collective
  6. Weekly Photo Challenge – The Atypical Horizons of Guilin, China | Travels and Trifles
  7. Weekly photo challenge: horizon | leireariz
  8. Weekly Photo Challenge: Some B&W Horizons | Humbled Pie
  9. Sunset in Zanzibar | The Human Rights Warrior
  10. Looking for a Lost Horizon | Pairings: Art + What Goes With It
  11. Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon | londonlately

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