Your Dance Around Friday is either 2 days early or 5 days late! Let’s Begin with a request  from Rob Ross creator of Rob’s Surf Report.

Oingo Bongo Dead Man’s Party

Huston Rody, son of Margo Rody, posted a whole history of Monster Mash, Please check him out. This video is a very modern take on the old favorite:

Then Naomi Baltuck asked for Love potion #9.  This even has the words for a Karaoke sing along.

Now a couple of my favorites. Don’t be afraid Time Warp will only stick in your head only 6 months. Bhwa-ha-ha!

Finally something no party is complete without The Chicken Dance! Stay with it, there are costumes and a chair dance. Bonus points for guessing which 50’s TV show the first part with the accordion player is from. 😉

Are You Up and Dancing??? Have a safe and Happy Beginning of Halloween !

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