WPC: The INDICATE Patterns of May Day

On The First Day of May
High Stepping Morris Dancers Welcome The Sun with Intricate Dance Steps

Indicate steps of May Day Dance By The Morris Dancers

Indicate steps of May Day Dance By The Morris Dancers

Revelers Show Off their Intricate Finery  

Well dressed Reveler

Well dressed Reveler wear Flowered shawl, dancing peopled hat and plaid shirts

Intricately Woven Garland Adorns the May Queen’s Head 

Intricately Woven Garland worn by the May  Queen as She Welcomes the Sun

May Queen Welcomes the Sun

Finally the Fool Dose One More Dance 

The Fool too, is an intricate fellow

The Fool too, is an intricate fellow

Arising at 4:45 I hurried out of the house to Join the Revelers at Inspiration Point for the annual May Day Celebration Led by The Berkeley Morris Dancers. No matter what the theme I had planned to share the pictures  I took this morning. It Just so happened that today’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Intricate f which fits nicely with the patterns in the dance, costumes and the weaving of the yearly cycle of the changing of the seasons.


How will you welcome Summer? or Winter?
Yes, some consider today the change of the season.


Tuesday in The Garden

Coastal Romanesco

Coastal Romanesco

Oh goodness I have been out playing in my garden
I should come in and write a poem.
About how
Rodger’s Red,
Scarlet Runner and Lemon Queen
are having a party in my yard
reaching for the sky
sending out tender tendrils
in a feral and fecund dance
waiting for the bees to arrive.
All I do is dig and poke and water
wondering what comes next.
Costatal Romarnesco
just opened his yellow parasol
Italian squash will take over if I let them.
Today there is room for everyone
even me with no root, or hat
or fancy suggestive name.

Carol Carlisle

Margo Rody put out a call for a poem about growing. She had a picture of a Van Gogh painting of a pot of Chives here’s my Van Gogh-ish Squash blossom

Zucchini under the influence of Van Gogh

Same Zucchini flower under the influence of Van Gogh

How Does Your Garden Grow Today?

Nurturing Thursday: Today Is The Day To Let Go and Poetry Day 24


 There’s a Native American saying:
“When deciding what to keep ask, Does it help grow corn?”

There are so many cool things
and comforting ideas
that collect around our houses
and in between our ears.
These icons of identity
crowd each other out
So no one thing sparkles quite as bright.
Even you might lose your luster
Among all the clutter.
I speak for myself.
When I shout
What goes out

Carol Carlisle

Please go visit Becca Givens Curator of Nurturing Thursday.

NaPoWriMo Poetry challenge Suggested Masonry walls. I wrote about what we keep between the walls.

I came upon the photo on Facebook. One way of letting go is passing on.
Happy Thursday!


A Country Girl Celebrates International Woman’s Day

I Am a Country Girl

I AM a Country Girl even if I look like a California Hippy.

The Carolina Chocolate Drop’s Rhiannon Gibbens vision of “down home country life” almost matches the world I grew up with in 1950’s & ’60 Oklahoma, except hers has a mixing of races which I never saw. Perhaps a growing honoring and celebrating woman has helped change the world since I was “A Country Girl” The shameful behaviors of our past are being slowly replaced be connection and recognition of one an others humanity. Or more to the point dancing together! The lady making biscuits in the video looks like my grandmother back then or maybe me now.

What do you think?

How has your experiences changed since child hood?

Daily Post Shame

Dancing Around the World with a Goofy Guy

Matt Harding goes around the would dancing with folks. Does anyone remember Where in the World is Carman San Diego? Like that. Some call him the Dancing Missionary. I’ll sign up for the church of dance any day!  Remember you have to open this on-line to view it. At the end is Matt, his wife and their new baby taking a bow.

Find Your Country! Find Yourself Dancing!

For us we know the wheelchair dancers in Oakland. It’s Axis Dance Company. I looked for friends in Czech Republic, and Brazil. Even if you don’t know people in other countries here’s a chance to make new friends from somewhere you’ve never been. Maybe they should have a Dance Olympics?

I hardly can stop watching this joy filled video long enough to write about it.  Last Sunday the ministers show this video twice during the church services. Once at the beginning and then at the end when we all got up and danced with it!  I couldn’t wait for today to share it with you. Bet you can’t sit still.

Happy Dance Around Friday!

Wonder Wednesday: Meet The Green Man

Green Man in My Garden

Green Man in My Garden hangs next to a cactus that was brought from Mexico over 100 years ago.

Who Is The Green Man?

Spirit of all things green and growing

Spirit of all things wild

Spirit of all things un-mowed, un-chopped

Spirit of grass in the cracks of the sidewalk and

moss on the shower door

Spirit of the untamable

Spirit of the wind fall tree in your path

Spirit that challenges the sad and timid spirit

 Choose to surrender or

Embrace him, call him brother, lover

Dare to dance with him on the longest night of the year!

Dare to become the Green Man!

Carol Carlisle 12/11/13

Are you up to the challenge? Have you encountered him along your journey?

Just one reading of many about the Green Man The Green Man