Lone Monarch on frost  wilted marigolds.
Lone Monarch on frost wilted marigolds.

December Butterfly

When the morning sun lit the top of the marigold

a monarch butterfly appeared for a quick December sun bath.

The rest of her tribe had departed for Mexico last month.

I stood warm in the kitchen as she posed for me

like an auntie waving good-by  after a nice long visit.

I wish her a safe journey and hope she catches up with her

waving good-by
waving good-by

community of sisters and brothers soon.

I wrote last month about the loss of butterflies I was certainly glad to see there was one still around after the frost we have had. It gives me hope.

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  1. Your photo and poem reminds me of one of the best experiences of my life: being at the Butterfly Preserve near Pacific Grove on a sunny day, lying on my back watching hundreds fly through the air. Have you been there? I cannot recall the exact name of the place.


    1. Carol, I haven’t been there but I have been to the one at Arches in Santa Cruz. Some years the butterflies stop over on Albany Hill and we have a nice gathering right here, but not this year. Sounds like a memorable experience.
      Good to hear from you neighbor 🙂


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