The Creation Myth of Syn-crone-nisity.

TODAY Weekly Photo Challenge asked us to post pics of Community.

We Three Crones

This week Joss Brunel of Crowing Crone  from far away in France commented to me that she wanted to be in a group that was within hailing distance.

It came to pass that Kathy Boyle, creator of Pocket Perspectives,  and I discovered we lived only 15 minutes apart in the East Bay of San Francisco Area. and made plans to meet yesterday. Thus it came to pass, with a little Face Time magic, We Three Crones clicked and clucked, laughed and shared from near and far and created a new community!

Joss Carol Kathy face timeHail Hail The Gangs all Here! Shall we sing?

10 thoughts

  1. It was a truly magical time! Especially for me this week as I’ve been home alone. My sweetie has been in Paris since Sunday. He had to take our van back to the fella we bought it for as it needed repairs done which are covered by warranty. The plan was he would be home on Thursday but now is stuck there till this coming Wednesday. So this lonely Canadian had a chance for a visit with two magnificent Crones. I’m a happy camper. thank you to both you and Kathy for caring and making this happen.


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