1 Orchid up close
1 Orchid up close
3 Orchid
2 Orchid
3 Orchid B&W
3 Orchid B&W
Orchid B&W
4 Orchid B&W 2
4.Charlie Brown Orchid
5.Charlie Brown Orchid last blossom left.

The Orchid that had blossoms on it since Mother’s day gave up this second week of

original Orchid
original Orchid

January.  I spread one of the spent flowers on a piece of black felt and was fascinated by the transparent, delicacy of of the petals. There are many more photos than I posted here. Its vaned and crepey beauty makes me think of aging skin. May mine age as well and look so good when my petals fall.

All, but Charlie Brown photo, were taken in natural light with my iPhone 4s Camera+ app. He was taken in regular camera mode. Which image do you prefer?

Lens and Pens Macro offers three views a Gabo Daisy today.

18 thoughts

  1. aloha Carol. i like numbers 1 and 4.

    # 1 because it caught me off guard a bit. i had to really look at it to see the orchid. and that was fun.

    #4 has a clarity in the petals that i like a lot and the over all shape is clearly “orchid” to me. i like that.

    a cool group. fun. aloha.


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