There is a place
There is a place…

There is a place you can go
where you are quiet,
a place of water and the light

on the water. Trees are there,…

~ Wendell Berry ~
Wonder Wednesday has escaped me over the busy holiday, probably a time I needed it the most, but today we return to turning our attention and intention to Wonder!
Feel free to use this image and these words as a doorway into meditation and or a writing.  I would love to here about your quiet place. If you post a response I would  enjoy seeing it just share a link in the comment section.
You can find the entire poem at Panhala It is a fine site that will give you a “Poem a Day”  I highly recommend it.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday

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      1. I’m not getting notices for anyone’s posts….at least not notices in email. I see some of them if I go to the wordpress “reader,” which I don’t usually go to…. I thought no one was posting, but I think I’m just not getting email notifications… are you getting any notifications of posts in your emails?


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